Eat Something Weird

Three items on my 60th Birthday Bucket List related to our England/Scotland trip. As you’ve read, “Visit Scotland” was one. “Order something weird at a restaurant when we’re in Britain,” was another.

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Visit Scotland—Done!

Our trip to England and Scotland in September was planned well before I composed my 60th Birthday Bucket List; nonetheless, going to Scotland is something that I had not done before, so the item belongs among the 60 new things that I’ll be doing this year. Check it off as “done”!

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Bloody Romans!

Apologies for the long hiatus in blog posts, but I’ve been busy working on a few of my birthday bucket list items, namely “visit Scotland,” “send postcards from every trip I take,” and “order something weird from a restaurant in Britain.” Bob and I are back from our two weeks in England and Scotland! It was all wonderful, and all three of the items listed were achieved.

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It has been a crazy 30 or so days. My apologies for the lack of blogging. However, you’ll probably hear in the next several blogs about most of the many things that have been going on around here since August 13, from the disastrous to the cosmic–both of which, by the way, happened on that date with the unlucky number.

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Ready, Set, Go Age (with Energy and Pizzazz)!

Today I turn 59. One more year until I’m again over the hill, as I was when I turned 30, 40, and 50.

Each descent into a larger round number has brought its changes. In my thirties I had small children and we were changing cities every two years as my husband’s career blossomed. In my forties we became more sedentary as Bob’s career and our teenage kids’ activities hit their peak. In my fifties I was able to enjoy more of my own hobbies along with the peak of my own editing career. The sixties will bring the activities of retirement and grandparenting. All this is generalization, of course. My years and decades have been full of daily adventures and we have done a great, exciting variety of things.

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Farewell, Gus

My love for Gus began on what I called “the best car weekend ever.” That happened in September 1999 when Bosch was promoting its Blaupunkt car audio systems by tricking out a New Beetle with top-of-the-line receivers and speakers such that the sound nearly lifted the little car off the road.

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Truth in Blogging*

*Blog disclaimer

Hubby okayed my first blog post (“Unemployed and on the verge of 60”) for publication but complained about the Disney trip exaggeration. Of course Bob did not back away from a Disney trip in order to retire two years earlier. From my point of view as a writer, use of the statement was a way to illustrate the financial frugality that was a mainstay of our way of life. A maxim of our household was–and still is–that after any large purchase we’d be eating pork and beans the following week (we didn’t, really). The family story about stopping along the side of the road in Norway to pick and eat raspberries became a story about not having to buy breakfast rather than one about rubbing elbows with the locals and enjoying serendipitous yummies.

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