I’m Sagging

Last week’s presentation of my Top 100 rock songs brought a complaint that the highest I put a Beastie Boys’ song was #51. Of course that is shameful, but what’s worse is that I completely left off “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party).” The Boys don’t deserve that!

Another revelation that came out after last weeks’ post is that if you type “ow wa a aa” or any variation of that (e.g., “oo wah ah ah ah” or “oh wa aaa” etc.) into Google, your top results are going to be for Disturb’s song “Down with the Sickness.” This I discovered in a user comment on YouTube, so I tried it in many variations, and it is true! So funny. Strangely, I couldn’t come up with any results for “ow whooo” or similar onomatopoeic words that led to Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves in London” or Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive.” Evidently Disturb’s sound is more famous than the wolf howling in those songs.

Beastie BoysAnyway, I brought up the Beastie Boys in my opening paragraph because I have been sporting a hip-hop look lately, in that due to good success in losing weight, my pants have been sagging. Guess I’d better go get some colorful underwear.

Other progress on The LIST made this week has been (1) ordering (and receiving today!) plants for my rock wall gardens; (2) planning our trip to Angel Mounds and Shiloh (plus other points south); and (3) finding a tub of birthday cards at a garage sale that I can use in my ongoing project of sending birthday cards this year to an extensive list of my relatives. I also would like to record that in preparation for an (as yet unscheduled) triathlon, I did my first brick workout of the year: a 3/4-mile swim followed by a 5K run.

The brick (the term simply means doing back-to-back workouts in two different triathlon disciplines) went well, and my current sore muscles were not a result of that but of having all five grandkids at our house for much of the weekend.Kids at dinner

On Friday, we took two of them to the spring football game, which didn’t involve much game watching but did include running up the stadium stairs behind a fast-moving four-year-old. On Saturday, we took all five of them to a baseball game, which also didn’t involve much game watching but rather included sprints after two four-year-olds, a three-year-old, and a two-year-old. There were also ongoing drills of “tackle Grammy” played at the baseball game, which left me at the bottom of the pile wondering how to switch the game from football back to baseball. A nice game of catch would have been fine.

Maddie feeding LoreleiSaturday and Sunday at home both involved more racing and other outdoor activities, along with making sure all the kids were fed as well as ongoing close supervision to be sure the beds survived being jumped on and to be sure we didn’t forget about the baby amidst the toddler chaos.

After they all left, God love ’em, Grandpa and I were both sagging!